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TV Watch

TV Watch is a broad-based coalition that opposes government control of TV programming and promotes the use of tools like content ratings and parental controls. TV Watch educates parents about existing tools to manage their families' TV viewing and gives a voice to the majority of Americans who prefer personal responsibility to government regulation.

TV Watch consists of 19 prominent individuals and organizations representing more than 4 million Americans.

TV Watch is a coalition of organizations and individuals who believe that:

  • Americans should determine what is seen and heard in their own homes, based on their own personal tastes.
  • The television industry should rate programs, advise viewers about the content they are about to see, as well as promote awareness of the tools and information that allow parents to exercise control at home (v-chip in your television, parental controls on cable and satellite, television ratings, parental involvement).
  • Either we take responsibility for what our children watch or the government will decide what all of us can watch.



...and other private citizens who believe in the mission of TV Watch.

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