Title Publication Date
New Study Reveals Americans Believe TV Parental Guidelines Are Effective TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board April 6, 2012
Editorial: Indecency and modern media The Denver Post January 10, 2012
Court tosses FCC indecency policy Variety July 13, 2010
Create Your 'Family Hour' Palm Beach Post November 8, 2008
Let Us Monitor Our Kids Erie Times News September 22, 2008
The Censors Lose in Court The New York Times July 28, 2008
FCC Should Get With The Times Milwaukee Journal June 7, 2008
FCC Itching To Get Its Hands On Your Cable Porterville Recorder November 14, 2007
Parents, Not Government, Should Control What Kids View On Television Walla Walla Union Bulletin June 27, 2007
Court Slaps Down FCC Word Cops Berkshire Eagle June 8, 2007
Violence Doesn't Even Make List of Top FCC Complaints Broadcasting & Cable May 10, 2007
Court Says Profanity Arguments Can Be Televised Broadcasting & Cable December 12, 2006
Nets irked over indecency Variety November 26, 2006
Early Hour for War Series, Salty Language and All The New York Times November 6, 2006
Take Decency off FCC's Hands Multichannel News October 23, 2006
FCC's Punishing Fines Have Chilling Effect on Broadcasters The Baltimore Sun October 13, 2006
Disney-fying Combat and Sanitizing History The Huffington Post September 27, 2006
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